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VRL (Vertical Realities Limited) is a leading provider of immersive technology services and consultancy with expertise in hardware, software and managed service implementation.

The team consists of highly passionate professionals partnered with an eco-system of Industry experts who have a love for achieving business outcomes using the latest in technology.

Our expertise and knowledge in eXtended Reality and New and Immersive Technologies has helped us design an intelligent Integrated Platform that simplifies the delivery & management of comprehensive Immersive solutions
VRL helps companies address today’s business challenges, Future of Work; War on Talent; Carbon Neutral; using today's technology. 

We simplify the complexities often involved in the design, deployment, adoption, management and support of immersive global rollouts. 

We are constantly working to provide the world with access to exceptional extended reality solutions that makes life easier whilst bringing efficiency to the workplace..
VRL uses a proven method of aligned business processes with an eco-system of industry experts coupled with an intelligent integrated platform to Co create with our Clients to reach their desired business outcomes.

  • Discover & Align 
  • Consult & Implementation 
  • Training & Adopt 
  • Integrate & Manage 
  • Support
We have an absolute passion for AR/ VR and delivering the potential this has to offer. 

We are driven by wanting to make a difference and to do that one must do things differently. 

Our skills, knowledge & Experience in extended reality coupled with our “can do” culture is what sets us apart.

Simply put .. We join the dots ..

Delivering successful XR deployments requires the right partnerships

Customers are demanding more support from their partners and vendors to accelerate their digital transformation and solve specific challenges for their business.

These transformative projects are becoming more complex, and it is rare that any single provider can fully execute end-to-end.

Customer requirements are shifting from single-point technologies to complex solutions where value is based on the delivery of positive business outcomes.

VRLs Ecosystem

Exceeding outcome-based results hasn’t been achieved on our own. 

Through our commitment to this industry coupled with our hands on experience and over the years , we have built an ecosystem of true XR warriors across different technology sectors to enhance the experience in delivering a full XR solution. 

Connectivity & Networking, AI, Security & integration, user adoption programmes, design thinking, success management all play a part in the success of the XR project and help ensure we win in the journey of digital transformation and smart factory 4.0 addressing the future of work, War on talent, and reducing our Carbon emissions.

Please talk to us...

You are interested in exploring XR technology but unsure where to start or perhaps where it may benefit your organisation? 

Have you already invested in XR but perhaps did so without having a successful user-adoption plan? (We see this a lot!) 

You need help in developing, deploying, scaling and supporting your XR strategy? 

You using XR technologies and would like to gain further expertise to fully maximising the return of your investment? 

Or perhaps... 

You are developers that have created an incredible Ar/VR software platform and would benefit from our XR expertise to deliver a comprehensive support package to your customers?