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Our Commercial XR Solutions

1. Assisted Reality: Technology that augments the user’s perception of the real world by adding digital information, aR can be used to guide employees to perform complex tasks from remote locations.

2. Mixed Reality: By creating an environment where digital objects interact with the real world, mixed reality combines the virtual and real to allow greater productivity and accuracy of work.

3. Virtual Reality: By creating entirely simulated environments, VR can help the user enter an immersive experience that can effectively help with training, therapy, education and so much more.

Why Choose Vertical Realities?

As a team of highly passionate professionals constantly working to provide the world with access to exceptional extended reality solutions that make lives easier, we bring efficiency to your workplace.

Introducing a wide range of commercial aR, MR and VR solutions into the business world, we aim to make business operations simpler, faster and better. 

Dedicated to providing our clients with the right extended reality solutions to all their business needs, we can help evolve your business and embrace the future.

With products and services specially designed to increase business productivity, Vertical Realities is committed to delivering future solutions to current problems. 

To learn more about how our commercial aR, MR and VR technology can benefit your business, click here or get in touch with us today. Our team of experts is always happy to discuss your needs and help you find the right solution for your unique business requirements.