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Finding Smart Glasses in the UK 

For some time, “smart glasses” have been a relatively novel concept in the technology landscape. A few years ago, most people viewed smart glasses as little more than a futuristic idea, similar to teleportation or holograms. However, as technology has evolved, these concepts are growing increasingly commonplace, and ever-more accessible.  

Smart glasses have the potential to take the expanding world of augmented reality to the next level by removing technology from the standard smartphone and placing it in a head-mounted wearable. With smart glasses, industrial professionals are already accessing crucial information and collaborating with team members when on-the-job, to reduce errors and improve efficiency. 

Now that Meta, Microsoft, Apple, and countless other vendors are beginning to invest in the future of smart wearables, the marketplace for smart glasses is bigger than ever.  

Where Can Companies Get Smart Glasses in the UK? 

Notably, while the number of available smart glasses is growing, particularly thanks to the evolution of smaller screens and better network connections, some countries are further ahead than others. In the UK, there are still only a handful of reputable smart glasses vendors offering solutions to enterprises and business leaders. The right solution for any company will depend on its specific use cases, goals, and feature requirements.  

The good news is that availability is growing. Vertical Realities entered a distribution deal with Vuzix to bring their smart glasses to UK customers. Vuzix smart glasses offer everything from fully-integrated microLED displays to multi-lingual content access.  

Points to Remember when Buying Smart Glasses 

As demand for AR infused technologies continues to grow throughout the UK, we’re likely to see an influx of additional developers bringing their tools into the marketplace. The onus will then be on IT business buyers and leaders to make the right decision about which tools to purchase. Some points worth considering for any brand include: 

  • Wearability: For AR glasses to be effective, they need to be comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Solutions which offer an ergonomic experience without compromising on user safety will be essential to any business leader.  
  • Integration: The best AR smart glasses will already work with the tools companies are using to empower employees. Innovative solutions should offer access to everything from knowledge bases to virtual assistants and collaboration tools.  
  • Performance: To streamline adoption, companies will need to invest in technologies which offer exceptional performance. 5G network connectivity will help to eliminate lag, while fantastic visuals should ensure every user can easily access crucial content.  
  • Design: Wearable devices don’t always need to be stylish, but they do need to be suitable for the environment in which they’re going to be used. For industrial companies, for instance, it will be important to choose smart glasses capable of enduring various conditions.  

The marketplace for AR smart glasses is growing at a phenomenal pace all over the world. Soon, every business will be able to access the ultimate AR headset for their employees.