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Device flexibility is a critical design principle here for Manifest. We believe that different devices work better for different jobs and workplaces, so we have committed to supporting multiple platforms ranging from the latest AR-enabled headsets to PCs and tablets.

But the iPad is incredibly important for empowering the deskless workforce.  We have long been developing for the iPad and have written about that here. The iPad’s simple interface and Augmented Reality (AR) support make it a great tool for creating and using Manifest spatially anchored work instructions within your organisations.

In fact, many of our customers are using or planning to use iPads as a key device in their deployment and scaling plans. An airline is supplying their technicians with Manifest and iPads to complete MRO procedures more accurately.  A fabrication manufacturer uses the iPad as the primary device for capturing videos of experts performing procedures to begin the task of digitising these procedures. And a machine OEM uses Manifest with iPads to decrease training times for new employees.

It’s a familiar device that many workers are already using at home or at work. It is cost-effective to deploy across many users, teams, and divisions. There is a wide range of accessories and complementary solutions that are available to ruggedise it and make it suitable for a host of industrial environments.

We have developed two apps for using Manifest with the iPad.

Manifest Maker is a simple app that can be used to record experts performing complex tasks and then transform these videos into step-by-step work instructions that can be further enhanced by Manifest. Introduced last year, Maker’s adoption and usage continues to grow, and many customers are choosing it as the primary way to start documenting their procedures. We are excited that it was recently nominated for an industry UX design award (more on that to follow).

Manifest iPadOS is a comprehensive implementation of Manifest designed to enable the use of the iPad for creating, following, and managing Manifest work instructions. It makes the iPad a very capable and viable tool for using Manifest in your operations.

Last month, we released Manifest iPadOS 2.5  and are excited about how the update significantly enhances the usability of Manifest on iPads. We streamlined the primary workflow of following step-by-step instructions to better leverage the iPad’s screen size and make it easier to preview a Manifest Template, perform a Manifest Job and review previously completed Jobs. Some of the highlights include:

  • With a single tap, easily toggle between viewing step-by-step instructions and AR content which now uses more of the iPad screen for easier viewing.
  • Quickly swipe between Step notes to view photos, videos, and PDF documents that also use more of the iPad’s display for easier viewing.
  • Tap new, larger action buttons to complete a Step, move to a Sub-Job, and add evidence or fault notes more conveniently.
  • Assign Jobs to yourself or your colleagues from the iPad (previously only available on the Manifest Web Application)

These updates really make a difference in usability.  If you are a current user of Manifest iPadOS or are thinking about using the iPad with Manifest work instructions, we strongly recommend installing or updating to  Manifest iPadOS 2.5.