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Kognitiv Spark, a provider of industrial mixed and augmented reality (MR/AR) task support software, has recently announced the release of RemoteSpark 2.0, the latest version of the company’s mixed reality software solution.

Kognitiv Spark stated that the new release demonstrates the maturity of its product by offering significantly more robust spatial computing capabilities to the existing version, allowing workers to instantly access 2D and 3D holographic assets to support task completion.

The original iteration of RemoteSpark focused on enabling the sharing of complex and critical data between a desk-based expert and a field-based worker, wearing a Microsoft HoloLens headset. RemoteSpark 2.0 takes this a step further. Uniquely user-focused, the mixed reality performance support tool has been designed with field workers in mind, according to the company.

Version 2.0 of the platform combines the physical and digital worlds by creating a hands-free, supportive environment for workers to instantly access helpful holographic assets to support task completion, operational efficiency, training, and digital transformation efforts in an independent and autonomous manner. It does this by effectively changing the workspace into the solution by enabling industrial companies to pin 2D and 3D content in the physical space, allowing users to see all task-relevant information within their workspaces: anything from PDFs of how to carry out maintenance tasks through to 3D animations on how to install new parts in equipment.

While this intelligence enables field workers to operate independently, RemoteSpark 2.0 can also be used to place contact pins within workspaces or near equipment. This equips workers with the power to establish a low-bandwidth, secure video and audio call with subject experts should extra assistance be required. Kognitiv Spark stated that all of this is delivered within a robust security infrastructure.

“With RemoteSpark 2.0, we are focusing more than ever on performance support for the modern worker,” said Yan Simard, CEO at Kognitiv Spark. “The first generation of the software was about helping them troubleshoot very high-stakes situations with the help of an expert. With this new release, we are empowering these workers to do more tasks every day without necessarily needing the expert to help them out.”

“In that way, we are starting to change the way industrial companies are behaving,” Simard added. “Instead of using mixed reality once a year as a ‘break-glass solution’, it is rapidly becoming part of standard operating procedures.”

Kognitiv Spark noted that its RemoteSpark 2.0 solution helps to bring productivity and efficiency improvements to industrial businesses and their workers, and supports return on investment for businesses by helping to minimise production downtime and enable organisations to quickly train existing teams to take on new projects. Additionally, the software platform empowers field workers through the facilitation of rapid knowledge transfer, as well as through features such as interactive training sessions, which can help to shorten the time workers spend learning information.

RemoteSpark 2.0 also helps industrial businesses to enhance their levels of sustainability. It does this both by allowing them to use organisational and environmental resources as efficiently as possible, and by enabling them to reduce rework, waste and unnecessary travel.