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A new certification has approved the device for use in clinical use cases across the world

Magic Leap, a leading manufacturer of augmented reality (AR) headsets, announced at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 fresh updates on its collaboration with industry verticals. Company Chief Executive Peggy Johnson said at a keynote speech that the device had earned IEC 60601 certification. This approves the device for specific standards as electronic medical equipment. IEC 60601 allows surgeons and doctors can use the device in an operating room and other medical settings. This eliminates the need to look at computer screens by overlaying key data as 3D visuals. The news comes as the firm partnered with SentiAR to link physicians with data displayed on the Magic Leap 2 headset. Doctors can leverage the platform, currently under review by the Food and Drug Administration, to access live clinical information, charts, and visuals for crucial procedural walkthroughs. Doctors can monitor vitals, device positions, and organs in real time. The groundbreaking tool is set to reach markets later in 2023.

New Collaborations and Tools

At the premier event, Magic Leap also debuted a series of eight innovations at the world-class event. These included: Cisco Webex Hologram, the world’s first XR 3D meeting and solution. Leveraging Webex technologies, users can meet with holographic avatars and share real-time 3D (RT3D) objects with colleagues. NVIDIA Omniverse, an immersive digital twins solution for rendering 3D models streamed directly to headsets. This uses NVIDIA’s cutting-edge remote rendering and edge computing infrastructure for unparalleled realism and flexibility. Taqtile Manifest, which empowers remote and deskless workers to access information while in the field. Professionals can retrieve videos, digital twins, documents, and other information in real time with colleagues. Experts can also provide walkthroughs for resolving devices and procedures. Magic Leap Assist, which provides users with views of real-world and digital content for facilitating remote guidance. Headsets can build a 3D mesh of user environment and share the spaces with others. People can annotate their physical settings with schematics, labels, and other collaborative assets.

Magic Leap Headset Updates

The news comes after Magic Leap’s leadership faced a huge restructuring after major investments from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF). The $450 million USD investment will transfer more than 50 percent of Magic Leap’s shares and appoint four of eight seats to its board of directors. Following the debut of the Magic Leap 2, the Plantation, Florida-based firm announced in September it would open sales to 19 global countries. This aims to enter new markets across the XR industry and earn critical revenues needed for upscaling the device. Credit: