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The Benefits of Pico 4 Enterprise Edition for Companies

In recent years, the extended reality marketplace has evolved drastically. Only a short time ago, most people associated concepts like virtual and augmented reality exclusively with the consumer world. Devices were seen as novel tools for the gaming and entertainment landscape. However, as digital transformation has continued to accelerate in the corporate landscape, many businesses have begun moving into the extended reality (XR) space too. We’ve discovered that immersive experiences can empower companies in a multitude of ways. Not only do they enhance collaboration, but they also pave the way for better training, product development, and customer service interactions. As a result, leading innovators in the XR space have begun producing tools specifically targeted at the enterprise, with enhanced optics, improved ergonomics, and greater security features. The Pico 4 Enterprise edition is one example of such a solution.

What is the Pico 4 Enterprise Edition?

Designed by the industry leaders at Pico Interactive, the Pico 4 Enterprise Edition was introduced at the Augmented World Expo (AWE) in Europe in 2022. The standalone headset emerged as a direct competitor to the new Meta Quest Pro – a solution built by Meta for the enterprise. The system features an incredible Snapdragon XR2 processor to deliver industry-leading computing functionality. What’s more, it comes with a 4K display, capable of delivering 1200 pixels per inch, and a phenomenal 105-degree field of view, with 70/80 Hz refresh rates. Like the Quest Pro, the Pico 4 Enterprise edition delivers pancake lenses, which provide users with a more compact form factor, and improved ergonomics. Plus, there are two controllers included, with 6 degrees of freedom movement and hand, eye, and face tracking enabled by front-facing sensors. Features of the Pico 4 Enterprise include:

  • 4k display (1200 pixels per inch)
  • Ergonomically balanced design
  • Pancake lenses
  • Qualcomm XR2 processor
  • 6 degrees of movement
  • 3 hours of battery life
  • 8GB of RAM
  • 3 infrared cameras for facial tracking
  • Color pass-through functionality
  • Dual super linear speakers

The Benefits of Pico Enterprise 4 for Companies

Fundamentally, Pico Interactive designed the Pico Enterprise 4 specifically to meet the unique needs of enterprise users moving into the immersive world. With a combination of phenomenal processing power, high-octane visuals, and improved ergonomics, Pico hopes to provide business leaders with a more accessible and effective way to unlock the Metaverse. The core benefits include the following:

Enterprise Operating System

The Pico Enterprise 4 comes with not just incredible processing power but all of the built-in technologies companies need to create a corporate metaverse. Companies will have access to an easy-to-use interface where users can customize their immersive experiences according to their specific needs. There’s also a “Pico Business Store” in the making, with access to all of the core XR tools companies are likely to use for collaboration and training. Users will also have access to play space sharing for location-based VR so that more people can get involved in the same experiences at the same time. Plus, companies can use Pico Business device management tools to keep track of all their virtual assets, monitor system health, and deliver upgrades and updates remotely.

Global Scale and Support

As a solution designed specifically for the enterprise, the Pico 4 Enterprise also gives businesses exceptional scalability and flexibility. The system makes it easy for team members to manage devices in their own company with ease, with a range of enterprise software solutions. Plus, Pico promises world-class data security and privacy for all users. There are data privacy policies available on the website, and companies can configure their devices to adhere to local legal requirements too. As an added bonus, business consulting services are available for companies that need help developing their own XR strategy.

Exceptional Ergonomics

In the business world, employees using XR technology may use and interact with headsets for extended periods of time. This makes ergonomic design particularly important to business buyers. Every part of the Pico 4 Enterprise has been built with comfort in mind, from the lightweight pancake lenses to the balanced structure of the device. There’s a hygienic and detachable PU face cushion included within each headset, which optimizes airflow and keeps the system connected closely to a user’s face. The thin and lightweight components are also enhanced by a front HMD and rear battery pack for improved balance. Users can also adjust the size and fit of their headset to suit their visual needs to ensure better smoothness and reduced strain when experiencing VR content.

Greater Immersion

Pico Interactive has gone above and beyond to deliver phenomenal immersion with its headset through a combination of powerful visual and audio tools. Dual superlinear speakers allow for surround-sound spatial audio effects to submerge users in their surroundings. The Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 processor can rapidly submit content to users in seconds for reduced lag. Plus, the pancake lenses deliver a fantastic field of view for a stronger visual presence. Not to mention, 1200 PPI 4K resolution means users can access unbelievable clarity from their high-density display, with unmatched smoothness and quality. To take immersion to the next level, Pico Interactive has also introduced a range of valuable control features to the Pico 4 Enterprise. There’s inside-out tracking, which uses multiple cameras around the device to allow users to move freely when interacting with content. Hypersense controllers allow for more realistic simulations when manipulating objects, and eye, face, and hand tracking are all included. Plus, companies can also bring elements of the real world into their XR environments with a front-facing RGB camera which allows users to easily view their surroundings without stepping outside of their VR space.

The Next Generation of XR for Enterprise

With a host of powerful tools for immersion, ergonomics, and processing, the Pico 4 Enterprise headset is set to be one of the major contenders in the XR market going forward. This business-ready solution addresses many of the core concepts business buyers consider when entering the XR space for the first time, empowering every business to unlock the benefits of immersive content. Credit: