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RealWear’s latest hardware iteration builds upon a successful 2023

This week, RealWear is debuting its Navigator 520 augmented reality (AR) headset at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2023 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The assistive reality headset builds upon its previous iteration, the RealWear Navigator 500, with additional features and an upgraded display. RealWear is also developing and supporting various assistive reality immersive tools for frontline workers. RealWear designed its product lineup as robust tools to survive hazardous environments. The firm’s product portfolio comprises industry 4.0 software and hardware, which enables frontline workers to access remote guidance tools hands-free. Moreover, the firm’s hardware leverage features such as AR visuals, hands-free navigation, and thermal displays. The RealWear Navigator 520 product is available via official resellers for $2700, with a 1-year warranty.

What is HyperDisplay?

A vital feature of the new RealWear Navigator 520 headset is its new HyperDisplay. HyperDisplay technology provides frontline workers with a 720p high-definition (HD) display. The display is a massive upgrade from the Navigator 500, which does not contain an HD display. The upgraded Navigator 520 model now displays its assistive reality immersive visualisations with much higher quality. The Navigator 520 allows frontline workers to access guidance documents like CADs, manuals, and instruction videos in HD. Moreover, HyperDisplay allows frontline workers to access integrated remote guidance and collaboration tools in HD. Workers using the Navigator 520 can access first-party applications like RealWear Cloud. The device also gives workers access to third-party applications like Microsoft Teams and Zoom. According to RealWear, the Navigator 520 HyperDisplay increases viewability, allowing a broader range of workers to leverage the firm’s technology for expanded use cases. TRUMPF is a RealWear client and manufacturer of machine tools and laser technology solutions that utilise the Navigator 520 headset. Darren Crowder, Head of TruServices & Smart Services at TRUMPF U.S., noted how the bigger display helps its “customers tremendously, especially with identifying minute details during critical times.” Crowder also added:

We’re excited for the launch of RealWear Navigator 520 with HyperDisplay, as we find it to drive more value while supporting our customers.” TRUMPF is a high-tech company offering manufacturing solutions in the fields of machine tools and laser technology.

Additionally, Hyper display contains an increased 24-degree field of view, 30mm eye-relief, 14x14mm eye-box, and a 0.35-inch display size.

CES 2023: RealWear Navigator 520 to Power Modern Frontline Workforces

The RealWear Navigator 520 device builds upon the features of previous models. In addition to its HyperDisplay, the RealWear Navigator 520 also contains voice control, enabling frontline workers to multitask while accessing immersive resources. Moreover, the RealWear Navigator 520 device contains WiFi and 4G connectivity. The hardware supports streaming big data assets with low latency and reduced loading times. The technology allows firms to undergo a digital transformation, restructuring an industrial working environment by integrating digital smart solutions like the Navigator 520. Rama Oruganti, Chief Product Officer, RealWear, explained how the Navigator 520 empowers “modern frontline professional who wants to stay connected.” He added: The device’s user interface (UI) supports 23 languages and dialects. Moreover, the UI includes patented noise cancellation to keep frontline employees focused. Finally, the Navigator 520 leverages RealWear’s previously launched hands-free, voice-controlled thermal camera attachment. The attachment can capture high-resolution visible-spectrum, thermal, and colour images that enable a RealWear-ready worker to identify temperature anomalies in industrial equipment like pumps, pipes, wiring, and motors.

Integrated Applications

RealWear has an extensive list of third-party clients which provide more than 200 optimised partner apps for remote collaboration, workflow and computer vision ready for the Navigator 520 device. In addition to the previously mentioned Teams and Zoom integration, Navigator 520 operators can also access Webex Expert on Demand. Moreover, the device gives operators access to RealWear’s first-party cloud-based device management software as a service (SaaS) solution. RealWear Cloud debuted in August, allowing on-site managers a digital dashboard containing tools that enable on-site managers to track and oversee deployed immersive devices. The service streamlines managerial access to RealWear devices. RealWear’s dashboard provides real-time data, device updates, and third-party applications. RealWear cloud also allows managers to oversee integrated software solutions, including Microsoft Endpoint Manager. The service also comes with Cloud Assistance. The additional software solution helps reduce device downtime, increase productivity, and is a secure avenue for scaling frontline RealWear AR device adoption. The debut of RealWear Cloud marks the firm’s transition into a digital solutions provider from a “device-centric company” by launching its first SaaS product.

CES 2023: RealWear Navigator 520 is Building on a Successful 2023

The debut of RealWear’s Navigator 520 device follows a successful year for RealWear. While other firms in the immersive technology space, such as Meta, faced hurdles in 2022, RealWear continued to expand its product portfolio. The RealWear device includes the aforementioned thermal camera and RealWear Cloud support. The RealWear Navigator 520 device also supports recently released features like hands-free Zoom integration, overhead Band, helmet Band, 4-battery charger, and a new Microsoft partnership. Rama Oruganti also added:

Our customers are focused on resiliency and retaining technical talent through an unprecedented labour and skills shortage and next wave of digital transformation.  Our device is a compelling offering for these moments where every minute of productivity and efficiency must count toward the bottom line.