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This Thursday, following Apple’s Vision Pro announcement at WWDC, providers of AR instructional solutions Taqtile introduced optimization updates to its Manifest services on iPad devices.

Taqtile is debuting performance and usability updates to match a growing demand stemming from worldwide deskless workers.

The updates improve video communications and data retrieval for Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) procedures in government, healthcare, manufacturing, defence, energy, utility, transportation, aerospace, and pharmaceutical sectors.

John Tomizuka, the CTO of Taqtile, noted his firm would continue to support iPad devices by providing “new, more advanced Manifest capabilities that will enable deskless workers to better do their jobs.”

Tomizuka also said:

"iPad is a strategically important device for enterprise, government, healthcare, and defence customers worldwide, offering an exceptionally scalable solution for capturing and delivering essential AR-enabled work instructions."

The newly optimised Manifest service allows workers to access detailed diagrams, digital twins, and manuals to successfully and efficiently complete tasks.

Fresh Updates for Manifest for iPad

Austin Coglianese, Manufacturing Augmented Reality Trainer at Fastenal, noted how the “new Manifest for iPad UX makes accessing and using the software’s functions easier than ever.”

Moreover, the end-user noted that the Manifest optimization for iPad allows his team to use a broader array of videos, schematics, and instructions simultaneously, which the trainer notes “is a major benefit to Fastenal’s machinists on the shop floor.”

Taqtile leveraged Apple’s ARKit and Swift programming language to ensure an iOS-ready, scalable immersive workplace solution.

The updated platform provides a trove of updates, including new streamlined workflows that provide step-by-step instructions to optimise procedure previews. The feature allows workers to view job statuses and review completed tasks on an Apple iPad.

Moreover, during step-by-step instructional settings, workers can now use “one-tap toggling” to switch to an AR mode which displays AR. These spatially anchored guidance visualisations are viewable via an iPad camera.

Workers can also use Manifest to assign procedures and share workflows across individuals or teams.

Moreover, the Manifest update includes various quality-of-life improvements, such as the ability to swipe between photos, videos or PDF documents. The platform also introduces larger UI buttons to support common activities, including submitting photos, videos, and sign-offs.