An ecosystem delivering comprehensive solutions utilising immersive technology

Leading XR Vendors in Field Service Solutions

Extended Reality solutions have quickly proven to be more than just a tech novelty. Over the years, as the technology in the ecosystem has evolved, companies have begun to uncover endless new ways to leverage XR in day-to-day operations.  

For field services professionals, the right immersive tools can make it easier to collaborate with team members wherever they are, access valuable information on the go, and even gather lucrative insights. In some situations, the best tools can also improve the safety of employees and the people they serve. 

So, which vendors are currently producing solutions specially suited to the needs of the field services environment? Here are some of the top options worth exploring in 2023.  

1. Taqtile

Focusing on the benefits of augmented reality, Taqtile produces intelligent tools to help employees access the information they need on the go. The core solution offered by Taqtile is the Manifest AR-enabled work instruction system. The end-to-end platform allows users to capture, export, and access step-by-step work instructions wherever they are, with AR guidance.  

With no coding or CAD specialist skills required, Taqtile’s Manifest technology walks employees through each step involved in completing tasks, with video, audio, and text notes for each job. The system also includes video streaming and sharing, eye tracking, and integrated collaboration capabilities for distributed teams. 

2. Arvizio  

Experimenting with both augmented and mixed reality, Arvizio enables organisations to leverage the power of digital twins within the industrial XR landscape. The company offers a variety of solutions, including the Immerse 3D platform, for visualising large models for multi-user, multi-location collaboration. There’s also an AR Instructor system available, which supports the delivery of real-time, step-by-step AR instruction to individual users.  

Arvizio’s technologies work seamlessly alongside AR and MR wearable headsets, such as the HoloLens 2 and Magic Leap, and can also be accessed on smartphones. Plus, the company can offer remote expert assistance to users setting up their technology. 

3. TeamViewer 

TeamViewer is a well-known provider of remote desktop, remote access, and remote support technologies. The solution works across almost 130 mobile device models, as well as IoT devices and other solutions. It also runs out of the box with no need for complex configurations or installations.  

TeamViewer is powered by end-to-end encryption, two-factor authentication, and granular access management for improved compliance in any field services landscape. It was also ranked the leader in Remote Desktop solutions by both Trust Radius and G2 in 2022. The AR solution comes with 3D annotations, optical character recognition, and real-time information sharing, available across a host of devices and wearables.