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Meta Quest Pro


Price listed are Ex-VAT

By Meta

Meta Quest Pro unlocks new perspectives on work, creativity and collaboration, so you can go beyond what was previously possible.
A reimagined headset gives long-lasting comfort. Multiple displays and breakthrough mixed reality let you multitask in virtual worlds and your physical space.

Choose a new world and step into it with the Meta Quest Pro. The Snapdragon XR2+ processor running the show has plenty of graphics power, so there's no need for a PC or a console. You can enjoy a games, experiences, and meetings in VR completely wirelessly. With 4 times higher resolution than the Quest 2, the Pro can make you forget that you're not in the real world. And the new pancake lenses make the headset compact and lightweight, making it comfier to wear. The inward-facing cameras read your facial expressions and body movement in real time, so your avatar can laugh right along with you – amazing for virtual meetings with your colleagues or friends. And the Quest Touch Pro controllers are now smaller and smarter. They have 3 cameras each for better tracking, and Haptic feedback to help you interact with digital objects. VR has never looked or felt this good.