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Ready-made Hard Skills VR Training For Industrial Application

GWPro create digital interactive training packages in the form of VR simulators, in strict compliance with the current regulations, from learning techniques to the simulator delivery. Offering standardized solutions and tailored simulators for HSE, as well as occupational learning to enhance the efficiency of training departments.

Each Learning mode module is 30 minutes or less.

Based on OSHA and NEBOSH best practice and

All modules are available in Multiple Languages

VR Training - The Bundle

This VR Training Bundle includes;

1. Electrical safety
2. Work at height
3. Fire Safety (WORKSHOP)
4. Fire Safety (OFFICE)
5. Lockout Tagout (LOTO)
6. Confined Space Entry
7. Hot Work
8. Load Slinging
9. Maintenance Safety (Pipes and Acids)
10. Underground roof fall hazard assessment
11. Truck preparation for driving
12. Road accident with dangerous goods
13. Workplace Safety
14. Scaffolding (Wedge Scaffolding Assembly Training)
15. Arc Flash (Flashover)
16. First Aid
17. Personal Protective Equipment
18. Trenching & Excavation Safety

Individual VR Training Modules

All VR training consists of 3 modes: Study, Training, Exam.
Allowing step-by-step control of all VR activities.


Work At Height

Move and prepare for work at height safely.

In the VR simulator, you will prepare for work at height, collect tools, climb to height with different fall protection systems, move at height with different modes, stop the unsafe behaviour of other employees.

Scaffolding (Wedge Scaffolding Assembly)

In the VR training Scaffolding (Wedge Scaffolding Assembly Training) you will be instructed hot to build wedge scaffolding with proper tools and parts. You will start from the location preparation, then you will build three levels of scaffolding with the help of your co-worker. You will have the scaffolding with the green tag as the result of your work.

Lockout Tagout (LOTO)

In the VR simulator, you will learn how to physically isolate electrical and hydraulic hazardous energy in the corresponding equipment using the LOTO tools.


Confined Space Entry

Prepare to enter permit-required confined space.

Confined Space Entry VR Training will recreate preparation to enter permit-required confined space, will teach you which warning signs should be used, how to perform atmospheric testing before entering a confined space,
and how to work with your colleagues to make work safer.

Electrical Safety

Prepare and disconnect the cell on high-voltage switchgear safely.

In the VR simulator, you will learn how to prepare for the work on switchgear, put on the necessary PPE, check the work permit, prepare the tools, prepare the equipment, disconnect and remove the switchgear cell.

Arc Flash (Flashover)

In the VR Simulator you will experience 2 different situations, where you need to stay safe from the Arc Flash while doing your job.

You will work in a classroom and in an industrial environment as an electrician. In each situation you will have to understand the task, working conditions and the wiring diagram, choose appropriate personal protective equipment, check the voltage, work with different meter modes, lockout tagout electrical equipment and much more.
The VR Simulator includes 2 different modules with Learning, Training and
Exam mode each.


Workplace Safety

Workplace Safety VR Training will teach you to identify factors that make the work unsafe and how to eliminate them.

Workplace Safety VR Training is a cutting-edge technology that allows employees to experience potential hazards and safety protocols in a virtual environment. This immersive training method enables employees to learn and practice safety procedures in a safe and controlled environment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

You will have to find hazards in the industrial environment around different workplaces, pay attention to the procedure for compliance with labor protection requirements and several applicable technical and administrative measures of labor protection requirements (for example, mandatory PPE, monitor temperature exposure limits, and protective measures for exposure to harmful and hazardous industrial factors).

The training takes place in the warehouse with the equipment.

Personal Protective Equipment

Personal Protective Equipment, commonly referred to as "PPE", is equipment worn to minimize exposure to hazards that cause serious workplace injuries and illnesses. These injuries and illnesses can result from exposure to chemical, radiological, physical, electrical, mechanical, or other workplace hazards.
In the VR Training you will find the following preparation scenarios: Electrical Work: 1 kV, 10 kV, 15 kV, 25 kV Tasks
Chemical hazards: Levels A,B,C,D

The VR Training includes checking basic PPEs, declining the damaged ones,
understanding of the checking process, dividing the PPEs into the ones that you are wearing now and the ones that you should bring to your workplace

First Aid

Experience immersive virtual reality first aid training with our easy-to-use VR Training module. Learn essential life-saving skills in a realistic and interactive environment where you can practice CPR, bandaging wounds and assessing injuries.

Our VR training enables you to make decisions under pressure and gain confidence in dealing with emergency situations. With detailed feedback and guided instruction, you'll be prepared to respond effectively in real-life emergencies. Join us and take your first aid skills to the next level with the power of virtual reality.


Fire Safety (Hangar)

Prepare for the real-life situation of the fire on the electrical equipment.

In the VR simulator you will have to call the fire brigade by phone, conduct evacuation according to the evacuation plan, turn on the manual fire alarm, follow the escape routes according to the signs and use a fire extinguisher in accordance with the operating rules.

Fire safety (Office)

Prepare for the real-life situation of the fire on the electrical equipment.

In the VR simulator you will have to call the fire brigade by phone, conduct evacuation according to the evacuation plan, turn on the manual fire alarm, follow the escape routes according to the signs and use a fire extinguisher in accordance with the operating rules.

Hot Work

Prepare for the hot work operations safely.

During the training stages, the user will need to complete tasks from the supervisor: undergo a briefing, put on the necessary PPE, check the work permit, check the availability of the Basics of Fire Safety certificate and a qualification certificate, analyse the gas-air environment and much more.

Load Slinging

Move the load with the proper slinging and safe measures.

In the VR simulator, you will learn how to choose the right type of slinging, depending on the work permit task, which describes: the weight of the load, the dimensions of the load and the load capacity of the slings (your choice of textile or iron). After that you will have to move the load
to the specified location.

Underground Roof Fall Hazard Assessment

Identify hazards around a tunnel face and make your work safe.
This training will take you underground to investigate the area and determine whether or not further ground support measures are necessary. You will use tool to remove hazards or communicate with co-workers, when you need assistance.

Maintenance Safety (Pipes and Acids)

Learn how to prepare the tools, PPEs and safety measures for working on chemical pipeline, cooperate with your colleagues, read the pipeline schematics, shutdown the pipeline, lockout tagout valves, wash the pipeline, and provide safety measures around future maintenance work and much more.

Trenching and Excavation Safety

Experience the profession of the safety inspector, who first observes the workers' readiness to perform the task in the trench, the condition of the trench and its risks, and checks the performance of the excavator and the newly installed shielding system.

The risks to be observed and eliminated are: traffic accidents (any worker or operator can be hit by a car), electric shock, wall collapse, falling objects, fall from height, excavator digging risks, and collapse.

Truck preparation for driving

In the VR simulator, you will learn how to proceed full preparation for driving of the truck with load. You will identify hazards in and around the truck, check the equipment, test all necessary processes. You will use proper tools and have proper feedback such as sounds, tool actions and cooperation with co-workers.

Road accident with dangerous goods

In the VR Simulator you will appear in the situation of the road accident with your truck and the other car. You will learn how to properly behave in situation, how to evaluate risks, check the equipment and communicate with your coordinator and other drivers.

VR training is available for:

Aswell as PC-VR Headsets & Mobile

Each VR training localized to 24+ languages with voice-overs:

EN 🇬🇧, DE 🇩🇪, FR 🇫🇷, IT 🇮🇹, JA 🇯🇵, FA 🇮🇷, KO 🇰🇷, ES 🇪🇸, AR 🇦🇪, TR 🇹🇷, PT 🇵🇹, ID 🇮🇩, MS 🇲🇾, VI 🇻🇳, KN 🇮🇳, GU 🇮🇳, MR 🇮🇳, BN 🇧🇩, HI 🇮🇳, CMN 🇨🇳 and more.