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Defy reality with Meta Quest. Our VR headsets redefine digital gaming and entertainment.


Meta Quest 2

Immersive virtual reality experiences

High-resolution display 20PPD

Snapdragon® XR2 Gen 1

Fresnel lens

Adjustable straps for customised fit

Meta Quest 3

Mixed-reality experiences, inclusive of immersive VR

Highest resolution infinity display 25PPD

Snapdragon® XR2 Gen 2

Pancake lens

More customisable and adjustable fit

Meta Quest Pro

Mixed-reality experiences, inclusive of immersive VR

High-resolution infinity display 22PPD

Snapdragon® XR2+ Gen 1

Pancake lens

Counter-balanced ergonomics and premium design

Everything you love, like never before


Architects are harnessing the power of Virtual Reality to transform the design and training processes, providing a dynamic platform for visualizing and refining architectural concepts, allowing for more creative exploration, and fostering collaboration among design teams.


In enterprise environments, VR technology offers a cutting-edge approach to training, as an example enabling workers in the Oil & Gas sector to simulate complex scenarios and environments, fostering quicker learning, better retention, and improved decision-making skills, all in a risk-free setting


VR-driven communication tools are redefining how colleagues collaborate in the modern enterprise. With virtual meetings, teams can share ideas and experiences more effectively, breaking down barriers and creating a sense of presence that transcends physical distances.

Meta Quest for Business

Transform your workforce today. A Meta Quest for Business subscription makes it easy to scale the power of Meta Quest across your company, unlock new work solutions and empower new ways of working.


User management

Manage company access to Meta Quest headsets through the Admin Centre. Organisations can also manage and provision accounts for their organisation through automated provisioning and integration with major identity providers.

Device management

Device Manager gives you direct control of all of your Meta Quest headsets, with a built-in MDM solution alongside optional integrations with third-party MDM providers such as Invanti (formerly MobileIron), VMware Workspace ONE and Microsoft Intune. Through the Admin Centre, you can bulk provision, set device profiles and review device statuses, as well as configure certificate-based Wi-Fi support, request PIN reset or remote wipe devices.

App management

Customise your company's work experiences with confidence. Admins can deploy and manage private apps to Meta Quest headsets through the device manager via an APK link or through a dedicated business channel. Admins can also control which applications users can see and download by deactivating access to the Quest App Store in the device configuration settings for managed devices.