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PICO provide enterprise customers with comprehensive XR solutions and best practices to help improve business efficiency, lower overall cost and barriers, and overcome technical challenges.

VR Headsets

PICO provide you with a variety of options for different XR scenarios.


Pico 4 Enterprise

PICO 4 Enterprise

The latest all-in-one 6DoF Headset for Business

Pico G3


All-in-one 3DoF Headset for Business

Pico Neo 3

PICO Neo3 Pro/Pro Eye

All-in-one 6DoF Headset for Business

Pico Business

PICO Business Account

By default, you don't have to sign up for a business account to use the device, which allows for quick device deployment and smooth XR experience. You can sign up as the Owner and invite other users to join your organization. After signing up, you'll be able to download apps from PICO Business Store. The consumer account and apps are not available on the business device.

Pico UI

Business PUI & Customized System Configuration

The latest PICO Business OS offers leap-forward improvements on user experience with a new interface specially designed for business scenarios.

In order to meet business needs of personalized system and PUI-supported applications, PICO allows enterprises to customize configurations through visualized interfaces and API, including basic settings, home screen app settings, system configurations, quick start, device information viewing, etc.

Pico Business Suite

PICO Business Suite

PICO Business Suite is PICO's software product designed to meet the specific needs of enterprises. It allows enterprises to use PICO VR all-in-one headset in a flexible, personalized way and set up the devices faster and more efficiently. Currently, PICO Business Suite contains Sync, Streaming, Kiosk Mode, customized home screen and other solutions.

Pico Location Sharing

Play Space Sharing for Location-Based VR

PICO enable you to quickly build play spaces through PICO VR all-in-ones for offline scenarios of multi-user collaboration, games, etc. A map scanned and created on one PICO VR all-in-one can be shared with multiple devices to achieve real-time positioning for multiple all-in-ones.

Pico MDM

Device Management Services

For multiple devices and content deployment within IT infrastructure, all PICO enterprise products are compatible with a wide range of 3rd-party MDM services.

Pico Business Store

PICO Business Store

PICO are committed to bringing together the world's top XR content developers to offer enterprises high-quality XR applications. You can discover, create, connect and experience all XR content that you love or need in PICO Business Store to meet the needs of different business scenarios.