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Magic Leap

Unlock an expansive digital workspace, industry-leading optics and next-level image quality with Magic Leap 2.

Reality-bending abilities

With Magic Leap 2, you’ll elevate your enterprise Augmented Reality (AR) environment, so you can develop and adopt innovative solutions more easily.


Magic Leap Controller

Next-generation features

One of the most advanced AR devices on the market, Magic Leap 2 delivers powerful spatial computing in a lightweight, ergonomic design.

Magic Leap Light Pack

Intuitive solutions

With Magic Leap 2, you’ll equip your developer teams with an open platform that provides flexibility, easy usage and robust support.

Magic Leap Headset

Transformative capabilities

Get complete control with seamless management, a customizable User Experience (UX), cloud-agnostic support and data privacy.

Magic Leap Headset

A wearable spatial computer

Magic Leap 2 advances what’s possible for enterprise AR. With industry-leading hardware, lightweight design and an innovative open platform, Magic Leap 2 pushes the limits of augmented reality.

Magic Leap Medical

Enterprise solutions

Magic Leap 2 gives you the power to rewrite the rules of your industry. Gain powerful industry-specific features for architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, public safety and more.

Base, Developer Pro and Enterprise Editions are available for purchase.

Magic Leap Headset

Exceptional support

Designed with comfort in mind, the lightweight Magic Leap enables extended, everyday use by all types of workers with a 50% smaller, 20% lighter headset than before and a precise controller.

Unlock new possibilities with an Android Open Source Project (AOSP)-based Operating System (OS) interface, which offers an open platform for developers and enterprises, plus unparalleled cloud autonomy and data privacy.