An ecosystem delivering comprehensive solutions utilising immersive technology

Vertical Realities Services

Vertical Realities have experts on hand to deliver a full suite of services to help you and your teams get up and going and or support you in the long term.

With the rate of new technology entering the market, its sometimes tough to know where to start. What is feasible and what is available?

• Art Of Possible Workshop – (day/half day)
• User Case defining

An idea can lead to another and then another and easily become unmanageable. The current availability of Immersive Hardware and Software platforms provides a wide choice and there are times when an already available platform will be the perfect fit. 

Whether we need to assist you in a trial of a software platform to see your user case in action, or trial a few as we learn and advance and tailor the solution, we provide hand to hand guidance every step of the way.

• MVS (Minimal Viable Solutions)
• Co-Creation
• Immersive Strategy Consult

Once an agreed solution is ready to scale, we offer a range of services to ensure a smooth implementation.

• Staging
• Deployment
• Security /Integration/API Management

The biggest value and the largest returns are made when all the employees are using the new technology and enjoying it.

• Rapid User Adoption Program
• Train the Trainer Workshops

• 9-5 Hardware and Software Support
• 24/7 Hardware and Software Support
• MDM Management and Analytics