An ecosystem delivering comprehensive solutions utilising immersive technology

Xcelerate XR

Leveraging our extensive experience in deploying immersive technology, our team of XR industry experts has developed a comprehensive suite of services to guide our clients throughout their XR journey, ensuring alignment with agreed-upon business outcomes. Where, in our experience, successful user adoption is critical.

Services can be tailored individually or as a suite. We thrive on understanding our Clients goals, aligning synergies between capabilities and co creating a vision for their future of work. When it comes to new and emerging technologies, there are three choices facing organisations:
  • Embrace and lead
  • Embrace and follow
  • Ignore and continue to do the same
If you are ready to discover what Immersive Technologies can do for you and your business.

Consult and Align

VRL creates an open environment, fostering imagination and exploration of immersive technology among employees. With a significant investment in XR, we provide access to various hardware and software to showcase differences and discuss use cases, serving as a catalyst for enlightening participants about achievable possibilities.

Through collaborative workshops, VRL engages stakeholders to understand their current challenges using yesterday's technology, gathering insights on costs, time, and resources. This process informs the creation of a success matrix outlining the enhanced outcomes expected from the new technology. 

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VRL’s implementation services are individually tailored to meet Client's requirements. Whether it is one or two or 100 employees that need to be up and running in a swift and organised manner, utilising the expertise of our team ensures an immediate understanding of costs, quality assurance from robust testing, speed and project completion timing, experts in the field who deliver this daily. 

Devices and software can be purchased directly from VRL or supplied from alternative sources. 

  • Procurement of hardware & software
  • Logistics
  • Staging & Asset tagging
  • Deployment

Training & Adoption

We have chosen to approach user adoption with a slightly different focus than our training modules. Whereas we have developed comprehensive training programs that cover both the technical and practical aspects of XR solutions. A Successful User Adoption is a founding principle to any engagement. Without this, those units will end up on a shelf.  

Our TAILORED UAP (User Adoption Programme) consists of a team of specialised consultants offering bespoke user adoption programmes that ensure end-users are proficient and confident with Immersive Technology and most importantly end users are championing the solution and using it daily.

All training includes hands-on sessions to familiarize users with the technology, its features, and functionalities. 

We provide Training for designated Subject Matter Experts (SME), Ambassadors and Project Champions with Customized Training Modules..

Management & Support

Our friendly support teams, equipped with extensive XR knowledge and hands-on experience, guide clients through every stage of the Immersive Journey, from initial discussions to global deployment. Our evolving expertise in the dynamic XR landscape means that choosing us goes beyond receiving support – it means entrusting your XR business to a dedicated team. Notably, a significant part of our support involves educating end users rather than just troubleshooting faults, setting us apart with a commitment to your success.

Additionally, VRL's Intelligent managed platform oversees device administration and conducts regular health checks on devices and applications enrolled in the required MDM platform. This tailored platform streamlines device and license management, ensuring a secure and efficient operation throughout the entire lifecycle of your XR solution.