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your frontline team

Desk-less workers haven’t yet digitalized to the same 
extent as office workers – but the revolution is gathering 
pace. TeamViewer Frontline, our all-in-one AR platform, 
gives industrial workers the digital tools they need to s
peed up processes, decrease error rates, improve quality, 
and save costs.

Why choose TeamViewer Frontline?

Higher speed

  • Digitalizes paper-based processes and procedures running on outdated hardware
  • No more switching back and forth between different devices or media – you have all the information you need right when you need it
  • Seamless integration into existing systems ensuring real-time data and no waiting time

Fewer errors

  • Clear guidance via step-by-step instructions and visual cues leaves no room for error
  • Seamlessly integrated quality assurance features, including measurements and taking pictures to document task completion
  • All-in-one solution eliminates the risk of distraction

Greater flexibility

  • Quickly create and dynamically update workflows to adapt to unforeseen or on-the-fly process changes and send them out to the workforce in real time 
  • Easily scale solutions by replicating and adjusting workflows to other sites as needed 
  • Significantly shorten training times to flexibly deploy new staff

Digitalize logistics processes with Frontline xPick

  • When combined with smart glasses, xPick frees up a worker’s hands so they can ‘pick-by-vision’. Supports manual order picking, inventory control, and most other logistics processes 
  • Working hands-free means your workers perform tasks quicker and with fewer errors. The intuitive graphical interface ensures quick implementation and acceptance 
  • Optional components including weight control, barcode scans, localization

Augment manufacturing processes with Frontline xMake

  • Innovative ‘make-by-vision’ AR solution that ensures faster assembly by replacing paper manuals with instructions in the user’s field of view
  • In-built quality assurance thanks to sophisticated cameras and sensors that ensure perfect results for each step in the assembly
  • Interface can be quickly and easily configured according to language

Virtual troubleshooting from anywhere with Frontline xAssist

  • Streamlines the support process – the remote expert sees what the on-site technician sees and can give instructions in real time 
  • Downtime is minimized and knowledge can be passed through the organization so productivity is increased
  • Multiple users can be added to the call enabling external experts to provide assistance

Additional Benefits



We’re with you throughout your journey – from project kick-off to scoping and beyond. We evaluate your use cases together and explore where it makes sense to support with AR.


While many of our tools are self-service, we can help customise and configure your solution if needed.


We help with the technical implementation with workshops and training individualized to the needs of your site and your workers – and provide the support you need to ensure a frictionless roll-out.


Together we configure a service agreement that makes sense for you. Remote capabilities mean we can provide assistance instantly.

See how companies like yours are using Frontline

The xPick solution from TeamViewer Frontline shows all context-relevant information of the picking order directly in the employee’s field of vision using smart glasses. Siemens used Vuzix M300 smart glasses along with the Hyco W26 scanner, a wireless ring scanner. The intuitive user interface graphically depicted the shelf structures, allowing employees to easily see where to pick each part from.


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