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Haply Inverse3

Immersive User Cases


Remote Assistance

Digital workflows are deployed on or offline to access step-by-step instructions. They can also easily access/capture photos and videos to log steps as tasks are completed, reducing errors and increasing quality & time.

Training & Task Guidance

Provide guidance directly and in real-time, cutting down on travel costs, improving service levels, and leveraging hands-on experience in a way that is proven to be more effective than traditional training methods.

Meetings & Collaboration

Avoid order fulfilment errors with our warehouse-picking solutions. Follow ‘Pick and Pack’ instructions visually pick and scan items with speed and precision. Automating reports to the back end in real-time.


Data Visualisation

QR codes in assisted reality devices make it easy to access data sources and analytics for specific equipment can be viewed in context.

Holographic Technology

Holographic technology creates an effective way of collaborating on projects with uses spanning from healthcare to automotive.

Digital Twin

Avoid bottle-necks, skill gaps and high-cost operations with real-time data technology.