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Video Collaboration Made Seamless with SimplyVideo's XR Connect

In the fast-paced world of business, effective communication and collaboration are essential for success. Many organizations rely on popular platforms like Google Meet and Microsoft Teams for their internal communications. However, these platforms often lack native support for videoconferencing or XR wearables, limiting the potential for immersive collaboration. This is where SimplyVideo's XR Connect comes in, providing seamless integration with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams to enable businesses to leverage the power of video collaboration while utilizing their existing accounts and preferred platforms.

Seamless Integration with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams

Thanks to Pexip's Cloud Video Interoperability (CVI) capabilities, SimplyVideo allows users to join Google Meet or Teams calls effortlessly, regardless of their location or the device they are using. Whether you are across the globe or using a different device, SimplyVideo ensures that you can connect to your meetings in seconds, eliminating the barriers of time and distance.

Connecting XR Devices with Everyday Platform

One of the key advantages of SimplyVideo is its ability to seamlessly integrate XR devices with the platforms you use every day. While Google Meet and Microsoft Teams have their own advantages for internal communications, they lack native support for videoconferencing or XR wearables. This often forces businesses to choose between the two. However, SimplyVideo offers the best of both worlds by integrating XR devices, such as AR smartglasses or XR headsets, into your existing Google Meet or Microsoft Teams account. This integration eliminates the need for migrating data, contacts, and meetings to a new service, allowing for a smooth and hassle-free transition.

Empowering Deskless Workers with Smartglasses

SimplyVideo recognizes the importance of deskless workers and provides a hands-free and stress-free service through its integration with smartglasses. Smartglasses offer numerous benefits in various use cases, allowing deskless workers to "see what you see." However, unreliable connections and complex interfaces often hinder the full potential of this technology. SimplyVideo addresses these challenges by providing a user-friendly interface and robust connectivity, enabling any team member to join video calls effortlessly from smart glasses. Moreover, SimplyVideo's XR features grant users the ability to control their devices' cameras and flashlights through simple voice commands, enhancing usability and productivity.

Integrating XR into Your Existing Calendar

SimplyVideo understands the importance of maintaining existing workflows and systems. To ensure a seamless transition to XR technology, SimplyVideo offers integration with your existing Google or Teams calendar. This integration solves the problem of investing in XR devices only to find that making calls from your current calendar becomes challenging. By seamlessly integrating SimplyVideo, you can continue making calls from your familiar calendar interface. The difference is that the calls will be routed through SimplyVideo, granting you access to cutting-edge XR capabilities. This integration eliminates the need for disrupting your existing calendar system and extends the video call potential of your organization.

Inclusive Collaboration with External Users

Modern enterprise networks have become increasingly complex, with hybrid working and remote workforce dynamics. SimplyVideo recognizes the need for inclusive collaboration and offers a solution that allows different types of users and devices to join video calls seamlessly. Whether it's a participant using a videoconferencing system in a meeting room or an external user joining from the field, SimplyVideo enables non-Teams or non-Meet users to join calls on those platforms. This inclusivity ensures that your video collaboration software does not shut anybody out of the room. SimplyVideo's platform can be joined by users of Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, regardless of the device or software they are using.


With SimplyVideo's XR Connect, businesses can enhance their video collaboration capabilities by seamlessly integrating with Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. The seamless integration enables users to join calls effortlessly from anywhere in the world and on any device.

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