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Unlock the power of haptics in your VR experience.

Unlock the power of haptics in your VR experience

WEART provides haptic solutions adding life like touch feelings to digital content and VR experiences. Users of our unique products can naturally experience force feedback, textures and hot and cold feelings associated to digital contents.



TouchDIVER is the only VR haptic glove on the market that co-localizes the 3 stimuli influencing touch – force feedback, textures and thermal cues – on fingertips.

With TouchDIVER, interacting with virtual objects feels as natural as the real thing. Accelerate learning curves and save valuable resources when training, prototyping or exploring arts.

One device, three co-localized feedback

Unlock the power of haptics in your research project


Force Feedback

TouchDIVER device offers realistic tactile sensations with high precision and speed, by applying cutaneous force to the fingertip through a mechanical transmission actuated by a servomotor. It uniquely co-localizes various feedback types, including texture-based vibrations and thermal cues on the same skin area, setting it apart from other skin indentation devices.

Textures Rendering

TouchDIVER features advanced texture rendering techniques to create lifelike tactile sensations resembling real-world textures. It dynamically adjusts tactile signals in real-time based on the user’s hand speed and movement, enhancing the overall realism. The device employs vibrotactile feedback and piezoelectric haptic actuators to achieve precise and fast texture reproduction, incorporating cutting-edge technology.

Thermal Feedback 

TouchDIVER elevates the sense of touch through thermal feedback, enabling users to experience temperature-related sensations in extended reality environments. It simulates heat or cold sensations on the skin, offering a wide temperature range from 15°C to 42°C with exceptional resolution and response time for a truly immersive experience.

Haptic Totem

The haptic totem is a haptic plate designed to transmit texture-based vibrations and thermal feedback to the user’s skin, specifically targeting the five-finger pads and the palm.

The sensations are integrated and synchronized with audio-visual content, creating a full immersive experience.

Our technology

Advanced and patented hardware and electronics provide co-localized haptic feedback and finger tracking paired with cutting-edge software for augmenting new and existing digital content. Tracking of the user’s fingers is achieved through that leverage sensors integrated in the device. This technology is coupled with a digital model of the human hand, included in our SDK, which replicates movements of the user without any development effort.

Weart offer a user-friendly Software Development Kit (SDK)to create immersive haptic experiences with TouchDIVER. It includes features like a designer interface for adding tactile sensations through drag-and-drop or scripting, an avatar hand model with the glove, and tracking capabilities. Available as plugins for Unity and Unreal Engine, allowing easy integration into existing or new projects.

TouchKEY+Multisensory Solution

An innovative multisensory and immersive solution enabling visually impaired visitors to touch and experience digitized 3D replicas of artworks, featuring TouchKEY+ haptic device.

TouchKEY+ devices deliver tactile sensations like and, which are applied to fingertips and are associated with selected elements of the artwork.

Tactile sensations are providing descriptive texts, which can be activated according to user’s exploration path.

About Weart

Our mission is to enable tangible digital replicas of products and digital environments by giving them lifelike tactile properties. We manufacture and sell easy-to-use hardware and software haptic solutions that unlock the effective use of virtual simulations and augment digital content. We strive to advance the use of haptics by focusing on creating high-quality tactile feedback, curated design, and a seamless user experience.


Industrial Training

Industrial training has embraced immersive technology long ago,  and recently adopted haptic gloves in virtual and mixed reality settings for a realistic tactile feedback.

TouchDIVER, with its unique haptic capabilities including force feedback, texture rendering, and thermal cues, reduces the number of sessions required for effective VR inindustrial machinery and safety operations. No controllers, just natural hand interaction.

Virtual Prototyping

Virtual prototyping has changed the product development process by visualizing designs in immersive experiences leveraging virtual reality (VR) technology.

With haptics and TouchDIVER, users can now interact with their virtual prototypes and manipulate them.

By creating a virtual environment that simulates real-world scenarios, virtual prototyping enables designers, engineers, and innovators to explore, test, touch and refine their ideas directly from their digital models.


Telerobotics is an incredibly valuable field that enables the remote control of robots. Application spans various fields, including micro-assembly, telemedicine, space exploration, hazardous material handling, and remote inspections.

Integrating haptic gloves into the controlling system ensures the ability to feel what the end effector is doing. This facilitates them in carrying out tasks inchallenging, inaccessible, or distant environments.