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AR Instructor - Additional AR User licence


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AR Instructor, through the innovative use of augmented and mixed reality, can help. AR Instructor provides on-the-job guidance using previously prepared step-by-step augmented reality instructions. The use of AR is proven to optimize operations, reduce errors and increase safety with easy-to-understand visual instructions that overlay the real world. AR Instructor offers advanced use of digital twins and 3D models provides a new way to interactively author AR procedures without being on location. In addition, the user is provided visual prompts to guide the user as they execute a given set of tasks. Each step of a guided workflow can be illustrated with video, documents, images, and 3D models superimposed on objects in the user’s field of view.

Arvizio’s AR Instructor provides the tools to train and guide field service and frontline technicians. The solution enhances the productivity of physical work by facilitating collaboration and overcoming staffing shortages across the workforce. With AR Instructor, technicians can also connect and collaborate with remote experts for additional guidance and/or work validation. AR training, customized by the organization, enables new and continuing frontline and field service employees to get the knowledge their jobs require bringing in an expert from another location, or having to coordinate a group learning session.

AR Instructor empowers operations, human resources, and field service leaders to create instructional material tailored specifically to their specific policies, procedures, operations standards, and complex equipment. A visual, content-rich, gamified training experience enables workers to interact with their environment, gain new skills, and accelerate and retain their learning.

Arvizio provides the solution to the key issues facing businesses today. AR Instructor rapidly increases training and upskilling of the workforce while improving safety, reducing critical equipment downtime, and eliminating the need to deploy expert resources to remote locations.