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Frontline xMake - Annual licence


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Accelerate manufacturing with TeamViewer Frontline xMake

xMake is an innovative make-by-vision solution that provides employees with dynamic, step-by-step instructions directly in their field of vision via smart glasses.

Digitalize manufacturing processes with make-by-vision

xMake digitalizes the following processes, helping to reduce human error and staff workload:

  • Assembly
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality assurance
  • Training & onboarding

Work hands-free

By combining xMake with smart glasses, a user always has relevant information in view for each production step. Voice commands, sensors, or image recognition let you pull up the necessary data, replacing analogue processes and paper instructions while keeping your hands free for the task.

Reduce errors

Cameras and sensors provide a standard quality assurance system that ensures perfect results and documentation with each production step. In the event of malfunction, employees can also access the integrated remote support function (JITE – Just in Time Expertise) to avoid downtime on the production line.

Faster work

  • Hands-free work
  • Relevant information in-view 
  • Smoother manufacturing processes

Fewer errors

  • Integrated quality assurance 
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Sensor control

Improved work experience

  • Faster employee training 
  • Fewer interruptions 
  • Better ergonomics

Boost your workforce flexibility

By creating a more intuitive working environment, training new employees and deploying them to any area is easy, eliminating the challenges that come with a fluctuating or seasonal workforce. And by displaying all data in smart glasses, it’s more ergonomic for your employees, too.