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Frontline xPick - Annual licence


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Optimize logistics processes with TeamViewer Frontline xPick

xPick is a patented and award-winning AR solution for vision picking. Your team can visualize inventory and data on their wearable device of choice for faster, hands-free work with fewer errors.

Digitalize manual logistics

Manual logistics processes are the critical link in any supply chain. But when humans are involved, the potential for errors will always be there. By digitalizing your processes, you can future-proof:

  • Manual order picking
  • Packing & sorting goods
  • Sequencing & kitting
  • Incoming & outgoing goods
  • Inventory control
  • Replenishment & put-away

Faster work

  • Hands-free work
  • Relevant information directly in-view
  • Quick ramp-up and scaling

Fewer errors

  • Instructions aided by graphics
  • Step-by-step guidance
  • Integrated confirmations

Greater flexibility

  • Fully mobile
  • User adaptable
  • Device-agnostic

Don’t choose between speed and accuracy. Pick both.

  • Higher efficiency
    Step-by-step, visual cues lead the operator through the most efficient process, every time.
  • Real-time verification
    Connected to the WMS, the associate receives alerts on changes or errors immediately.
  • Fully connected
    Two-way communication offers instant help as needed.
  • More ergonomic
    Voice control and connected devices like body-worn scanners let the operator work without looking down repeatedly.
  • Hands-free operation
    Handling bulky objects is easier and contributes to safer lifting.
  • Easier multitasking
    TeamViewer Frontline’s vision picking solution supports picking for multiple orders simultaneously.

Easy onboarding

xPick considers different languages and qualification levels, making it easy for any team member to adopt. And there’s no need for extensive training, so it’s ideal for rolling out across a wide range of working environments and scaling to other locations.

And with the option to combine with wearable scanners, manual logistics processes become more ergonomic. And safer, too.