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Microsoft HoloLens 2


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Microsoft HoloLens 2 HoloLens 2 is the most comfortable mixed reality device available, with industry-leading solutions that deliver an immersive experience – all enhanced by the reliability, security and scalability of cloud and AI services from Microsoft. Get started right away with off-the-shelf applications or build a custom solution using Microsoft Azure services. Work smarter with mixed reality

HoloLens 2 

HoloLens 2 coupled with software solutions is a hands-free computer that goes where you go, sees what you see and does what you say. It displays a layer of digital information on top of your real world by rendering high-definition holograms that stay where you put them and respond like physical objects when you interact with them.

Build custom solutions and enrich apps with Azure

Create solutions to address your unique business challenges – and build finely detailed immersive experiences that work across HoloLens 2 and other mobile devices – using integrated, secure cloud computing services for mixed reality development. Manufacturing: Envision the factory of the future Keep pace with the rapid changes of Industry 4.0 by modernising your factories. Create innovative, efficient and sustainable production environments. Drive new levels of productivity in industrial automation and workforce training.

Retail: Revolutionise customer experience

Build the retail store of the future where customers can see, customise and interact with any item in your inventory catalogue. Increase cost savings while delivering unforgettable customer experiences. Visualise retail layouts and move, resize or rotate in real time and at real world scale.

Healthcare: Reimagining medicine

Transform medical education by building immersive learning tools for medical students and nursing professionals. Help surgeons plan for and perform live surgeries by displaying rich 2D and 3D data (e.g., X-rays, ultrasounds) in mixed reality.