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RealWear Navigator 520 and TeamViewer xMake Bundle

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Empower Your Hands-Free Manufacturing and Production!

Introducing the RealWear Navigator 520, your gateway to hands-free manufacturing excellence, and the TeamViewer xMake bundle, a comprehensive software and hardware package designed to optimize your manufacturing and production processes. This bundle equips you with the tools you need to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity on the factory floor.

 RealWear Navigator 520 - Your Manufacturing Companion:
The RealWear Navigator 520 is not just a wearable device; it's your ultimate manufacturing assistant. Featuring a rugged design and hands-free operation, this wearable device is built to thrive in the demanding manufacturing environment. With its powerful processing capabilities and intuitive voice commands, it's your partner in delivering peak performance.
Key Features of the RealWear Navigator 520:
Hands-Free Operation: Access critical information, schematics, and instructions using voice commands, allowing you to keep your hands free to perform tasks efficiently.
Rugged and Durable: Built to withstand the rigors of the manufacturing floor, including dust, water, and impacts, the Navigator 520 ensures your safety while delivering optimal performance.
Extended Battery Life: Say goodbye to interruptions. The Navigator 520's extended battery life keeps you operational throughout your shift.
High-Resolution Display: Enjoy sharp visuals, ideal for viewing complex diagrams, schematics, and technical documentation on the factory floor.
Noise-Canceling Microphone: Communicate clearly even in noisy manufacturing environments, ensuring important instructions and details are never missed.
TeamViewer xMake - Elevate Your Manufacturing Process:
The TeamViewer xMake software bundle transforms your manufacturing and production processes. Seamlessly integrated with the RealWear Navigator 520, this suite of tools provides real-time production data, quality control, and remote support capabilities.
Key Features of TeamViewer xMake:
Real-Time Production Data: Gain instant access to real-time production data, ensuring
your manufacturing processes are optimized for maximum efficiency.
Quality Control: Implement robust quality control measures with the ability to document defects, conduct inspections, and track production quality.
Remote Support: Connect with experts or colleagues remotely for real-time guidance and issue resolution, reducing downtime and errors.
Barcode Scanning: Utilize the built-in camera on your Navigator 520 to scan barcodes, ensuring accurate inventory management and tracking.
Security and Compliance: TeamViewer's robust security features protect your data and operations, making it suitable for compliance with regulatory requirements.