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Mitsubishi Electric discovers the power of XR for field services

The changing landscape and the rise of digital transformation are pushing today’s field services companies to find new ways of connecting teams and serving their end users. Through extended reality, these brands have a new opportunity to deliver exceptional results, minimize risk, and reduce operating costs. 

Mitsubishi Electric is one of the biggest electronic brands in the world, serving customers all over the globe. Dealing with inquiries from a range of customers in the aerospace, food, and automotive industries has often required the company to invest heavily in a comprehensive approach to field services. However, in recent years, the brand has begun to focus on finding smarter, more streamlined ways to serve its audience. 

Here’s what happened when Mitsubishi decided to join forces with TeamViewer on the creation of a remote field services solution. 

Exploring the Power of Augmented Reality 

Known around the world for its commitment to quality and premium customer service, Mitsubishi has never been comfortable with the idea of letting customers wait for support. Over the years, the Polish branch of the company has built a fantastic service team, brimming with experienced engineers, to help companies make the most out of their investments. However, delivering personalized support on an expanding scale hasn’t always been easy. As augmented reality solutions began to emerge in the technical landscape, Mitsubishi rapidly began exploring opportunities to use these new innovations in their approach to service. 

The brand began looking at AR and wearables as a solution for manufacturing maintenance and the creation of a more efficient, smart factory environment. This took the team to TeamViewer and its Assist AR technology. Leveraging TeamViewer, Mitsubishi rapidly began embedding AR into all of its processes and operations, from collaboration to customer support. 

Delivering a New Level of Support 

As part of its strategy for creating a new “smart factory” ecosystem, Mitsubishi invested in TeamViewer’s technology to create a new initiative called SupportMe-X. Building on the existing SupportMe ecosystem, this new solution offers customers and users a way to leverage expert support through extended reality technologies. 

SupportMe-X leverages a combination of TeamViewer’s Assist AR software and the Microsoft HoloLens 2 to deliver next-level experiences to every user. The combined technologies now provide the Mitsubishi Electric team with the opportunity to better support its customers through both augmented and mixed reality experiences. 

According to the Solution Business Manager of Mitsubishi, Jakub Kwiatkowski, the company chose TeamViewer as the solution for their needs because they saw it as being secure, intuitive, and flexible. Thanks to the AR solution, technicians can now contact the Mitsubishi support team through their smartphones and work with them through live, guided sessions. 

Engineers also use the HoloLens headsets to work through issues with customers remotely, providing in-depth guidance to engineers who need help addressing complex problems. According to Mitsubishi, the combined technologies have had a significant impact on both productivity and cost savings.