An ecosystem delivering comprehensive solutions utilising immersive technology

Government & Council

Increase Productivity
With rising demand for new housing and new legislation mandating enhanced service and repair standards, it’s crucial for councils to make the most of their resources by adopting new technologies which increase productivity and maximizes operational efficiency efficiency.

Reduce Cost 
Many councils find it challenging to maintain or enhance housing services with their existing budgets due to ongoing rise in inflation and cost of living. Adopting innovative AR solutions ensure maximum cost savings by eliminating unnecessary expenses.

Remove Skill Gap
Training new engineers and ensuring they have access to the right resources and knowledge when needed is a significant challenge. By Adopting AR solutions councils will be able to bridge to the skills gap between experienced and new engineers, ensuring timely and precise deployment of expertise wherever and whenever it is required.
Digital Workflow & Remote Assistance:
Digital work instructions quickly bring new staff up to speed by giving service engineers instant access to a wide range of captured knowledge and information. This helps maintain a consistent, high-quality service delivery and reduces the skills gap between experienced engineers and those still learning. 

Remote Assistance is a solution that further amplifies and compliments the effectiveness of digital workflows by providing engineers with real-time support from experts, regardless of their physical location. This integration of expert guidance on-demand not only streamlines operations but also optimizes the utilization of your most skilled personnel, leading to significant cost savings and a more agile workforce.

Thermal Imaging: 
Improve your surveys and maintenance checks with advanced thermal imaging technology. This solution boosts the effectiveness of your mould, damp, and electrical inspections by providing precise, real-time data to service engineers. Thermal imaging is effectively tackling the rise in serious mould and damp cases across the UK by identifying trouble spots early on. Additionally, it streamlines electrical maintenance by allowing engineers to read live heat signatures and conduct necessary assessments while still working hands-free, enhancing service quality.

Immersive Technology Incubation Hub
Our Immersive Technology Hub, designed specifically for local housing councils is a comprehensive bundle solution that establishes a cutting-edge technology hub within your council area, to spark local business innovations and deliver substantial social value to the community. 

This facility will serve as a nexus for exploring progressive technical solutions and experiences, providing unparalleled access to the latest advancements in virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, and the development and optimization of 5G networks. By embracing this opportunity, councils can position themselves at the forefront of digital transformation, paving the way for enhanced services and a future-proof community infrastructure.