An ecosystem delivering comprehensive solutions utilising immersive technology



Magic Leap

Magic Leap seamlessly integrates the digital world into the physical world to amplify human potential. The company's main product is the Magic Leap 2, a mixed reality headset that overlays virtual content onto the real world.


RealWear is a technology company that specializes in developing and manufacturing wearable devices for industrial applications. These head mounted tablet devices allow workers to access and interact with digital information while keeping their hands free to perform tasks.


Vuzix offers a range of smart glasses and AR/VR headsets that cater to various industries and use cases. Vuzix devices are designed to be lightweight, comfortable, and adaptable for both enterprise and consumer applications.



Pico offers a range of standalone VR headsets that do not require a separate computer or console to operate. These all-in-one devices integrate display, processing power, and tracking capabilities into a single headset, providing users with a convenient and immersive VR experience.

HTC Vive Business

HTC Vive offers a high-quality and immersive VR experiences, allowing users to interact with digital environments and content in a three-dimensional space. Their headsets provide high-resolution visuals, precise motion tracking, and room-scale VR capabilities. is a cutting-edge platform that revolutionizes the way organizations deliver training and support. We harness the power of AR, VR, and Digital Twin technology to simplify the learning experience and improve support efficiency.