An ecosystem delivering comprehensive solutions utilising immersive technology

We are thrilled that Apollo, our immersive HR tech program, has been shortlisted in the Global Business Tech awards in the ‘Best Use of Innovation’ category.

Jenson8 uses VR to help companies deliver lasting positive behavioural change, by empowering leaders and bringing teams together to drive impact.

Backed by science, our unique VR experience provides diagnostics, including dynamic psychometric testing and robust, actionable data to help teams understand, challenge and change their behaviours.

Our technology can be delivered anywhere at any time, encouraging team collaboration, whether leaders and teams are in the same office or halfway across the world.

Crucially, we offer a psychologically safe space for people to try, fail and learn. Whether we’re addressing ethics, inclusion, leadership, teamwork, or any other dimension of the workplace, our unique programs like Apollo help teams understand their working styles and behaviours by utilising VR for team-building exercises, training sessions and keeping employees connected in an increasingly hybrid world.

We’ve worked with organisations across many sectors and are continuing to grow our customer base internationally. Many participants have shared revelatory learnings, including how the experience has enabled a behavioural shift, improved individual and team behaviours and work processes – all contributing to business growth ambitions and success.

What does entering the award mean to us?

The way we work has fundamentally shifted, and the Covid-19 pandemic has only exacerbated this. After years of turbulence in how businesses learn and develop, we are driven by the belief that learning in the workplace can look and feel different.

But what does this mean for us? We saw the opportunity to harness VR and the power of technology alongside our passion for behaviour change to revolutionise learning and development at scale. We exist to help leaders, teams, and businesses achieve their goals – particularly during this pivotal time of change in workforce dynamics.

Entering this award means we are acknowledging the significance of innovation to help leaders, teams, and businesses transform and achieve their goals to drive business success. It’s exciting to be a part of these awards at the peak of a revived digital revolution, alongside so many game-changing innovators that are disrupting the norm and transforming the way businesses operate.

What our Founder, Jena Davidson, has to say:

“We’re thrilled that Apollo has been shortlisted in the Global Business Tech Awards for ‘Best Use of Innovation’, amongst top names in the industry.

Jenson8 evolved from my roots in consultancy and training and through my passion for how technology can influence behaviour change. Having an innovative mindset is how we’ve harnessed the game-changing potential of VR for HR to help businesses transform L&D in the workplace. Being acknowledged for innovation is a testament to the continued development of Jenson8 and the passionate team driving this forward.

I look forward to finding out the results in May and best of luck to all the other finalists.”

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