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Nebula for Windows releases for the Nreal Air. The software mirrors the PC user interface on the AR glasses

The Nreal Air AR viewers are primarily useful for media consumption. The headset pairs with a smartphone or Mac via the Nebula app, which allows viewing applications running on the device on the glasses’ virtual screens.

As the manufacturer announced at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2023 in San Francisco, this will soon also be possible with Windows computers.

Nreal Air’s curved monitor and three degrees of freedom

The user interface appears on a curved monitor with a 21:9 aspect ratio. This theoretically provides enough space for office tasks and gaming. Nebula for Windows supports three degrees of freedom (3DOF). Coupled with a Windows PC, the Nreal Air can thus capture head movements on the horizontal axis.

This makes the Nreal Air more versatile. Currently, users are discovering the AR headset primarily as a SteamDeck accessory. Nreal has not yet announced when Nebula for Windows becomes available.

The Air is the successor of the Light glasses. In our test, the AR glasses left a mixed impression and were only partially convincing. With the Air, the Chinese manufacturer transfers the strengths of the Nreal Light (displaying content on a large virtual screen) to its new AR viewers.