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Bring specialised expertise to remote teams across the globe and drastically boost efficiency with leading Assisted Reality products. With aR solutions to suit your business, Vertical Realities’ cutting-edge tech allows you to perform complex, highly specialised tasks with remote assistance.

A rapidly growing sector in specialised business support, Assisted Reality (aR) has been a rapidly evolving technology across the world. By transforming the way business operations are executed, virtual assisted reality is a great way to enhance productivity and access world-class support the world over.

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This exceptional solution emerging from the umbrella of Extended Reality (XR) can be used for a diverse range of purposes across many industries. Primarily being used in manufacturing, healthcare and technology, the concept has the potential to enhance entertainment, communication, and advertising. 

Available in a number of different devices like head-mounted displays, assisted reality smart glasses, and other wearable devices, aR is your window into the future. 

Understanding Assisted Reality: The Future of Business

Almost entirely eliminating the barrier of time and space, assisted reality can be used to execute complex functions from remote locations, allowing you to access the level of support required in real time. What’s more, by creating an interactive experience for users, aR allows a window to provide tasks that need specialist expertise. 

Imagine as a mechanic, you’re working on a particularly complex engine problem for a luxury vehicle. With aR, the head engineer at the German headquarters can work with you through your Assisted Reality headsets in real time. Removing the barrier of physical distance and miscommunication through the phone, the head engineer can see through your eyes, and work with you to diagnose and solve your problem. 

Not only does Assisted Reality combine the real world with the digital but also allows a more immersive experience for users. As a business, this can revolutionise the way you operate by enhancing accuracy, service quality and productivity.

Transform Your Business Operations With Assisted Reality

At the forefront of the digital revolution, Assisted Reality is designed to enhance business functions, bringing a wide range of opportunities for efficiency. Effectively helping in a number of aspects of daily business processes, assisted reality can help streamline processes, reduce errors and costs, and almost entirely eliminate downtime.

Furthermore, with aR solutions, you can more effectively utilise your business resources to solve complex problems. 

Real-time Guidance: Allowing teams to provide hands-on training to employees in complex procedures from remote locations, aR can allow greater communication, real-time guidance and problem-solving along with increased accuracy at work. 

Remote Collaboration: Specially designed to remove barriers created by distance, aR allows greater flexibility, ease and support in remote collaborations. Allowing two or more employees to effectively work together on a project from different locations, aR is perfect for teams operating remotely around the world.

Virtual Training: By offering you an immersive method for your employees to virtually practise various complex procedures and operations, you can reduce the risks of mishaps. Especially useful in the manufacturing and construction industry, assisted reality can help train employees to deal with various complex tasks guided by experts.

Remote Troubleshooting: Helping businesses provide exceptional customer service to their customers, assisted reality can greatly help troubleshoot errors from remote locations. This can also be helpful in remote maintenance for B2B firms providing maintenance and support services to their clients.

Vertical Realities: Empowering Businesses through Assisted Reality

At the forefront of offering futuristic extended reality solutions to businesses across the globe, we bring excellence to your business. 

With a team of incredibly passionate XR professionals, we are here to provide you with the best aR, MR and VR solutions for your business needs. Working with businesses that are looking for new ways to enhance productivity, efficiency and revenue, our commercial aR solutions are perfect for you.

What’s more, with years of experience in the world of extended reality, we aim for endless brilliance and absolute customer satisfaction. 

Bringing the best XR hardware and software to your business, we are dedicated to providing you with the means to make the most out of your business and embrace the future.

With competitive pricing, exceptional customer and futuristic technology, you can rest assured that you are headed for success. To learn more about how assisted reality can help you grow,  click here or get in touch with us now!