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RealWear Folding Bluetooth Keyboard


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Stay productive and connected on-the-go with the RealWear Folding Bluetooth Keyboard. It features an ultra slim and compact design, allowing for easy portability and storage. With its full-size keys and Bluetooth connectivity, this keyboard allows you to type with accuracy, speed, and comfort, wherever you are. Get the job done, no matter your location.

For use with RealWear Navigator 500 Series, HMT-1,and HMT-1Z1. This handy folding wireless keyboard and trackpad helps eliminate the need for bringing along your tablet or clipboard into the field to enter a larger amount of text or data.

After the initial pairing process is complete, simply unfold the keyboard and it will pair automatically. Also, a mouse cursor appears like it would with a handheld Android tablet. A carrying bag and USB charging cable is included.

The Folding Bluetooth Keyboard & Trackpad is recommended for: Field Operators and Field Engineers required to input or log lengthy field notes or conversations Where select and drag mouse/cursor functionality is needed Sensitive environments where speaking out loud would be inappropriate Technical Features: Durable aluminium body Portable form factor, keys are only 90% the size of any standard keys Pocket Size, similar size to the iPhone X Plus Lightweight, only 7 ounces 60 hours working time and 90 days standby time Connects up to 3 devices