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Pico 4 Enterprise


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PICO 4 Enterprise is the first PICO headset to feature precise face, eye, and hand tracking. Supported by two infrared cameras, the headset offers a more immersive and interactive VR experience that empowers meaningful connections for businesses wherever they operate.

The Pico 4 is not a replacement for the Neo3 and G2 4K models, it is a new line of headsets offering the widest choice of features available.

256GB PICO 4 Enterprise All-In-One VR Headset

PICO 4 Enterprise All-In-One VR Headset

A BRAND NEW IMMERSIVE ENTERPRISE EXPERIENCEPico 4E is Pico's latest Enterprise-Level 6DoF All-in-One VR headset which combines Pancake solution - a lightweight structure and counter-balanced design for long-lasting comfort. Pico 4E is equipped with more interactive technologies such as face and eye tracking to guarantee seamless interactions. It is also supported with stunning 4K resolution for a clear, smooth and deeply immersive experience.

Redefining a New Standard in VR

Flexible and immersive business solution

A LEAP FORWARD IN ENTERPRISE TECHNOLOGYPICO 4E provides a precise, flexible and immersive business experience with real power interactions.

Reality  |  Performance  |  Ergonomy  |  Management  |  Security  |  Customisation

PICO BUSINESS SUITE Business Suite is a software developed by Pico to address the needs of enterprise clients for customised solutions. It includes three main functions: Sync, Streaming and Kiosk Mode.


SYNC Users can control multiple VR devices to experience videos, panoramas and applications simultaneously.


STREAMING Directly transfer to other VR headsets for playback via a live stream address or video stream from steam VR.

Kiosk Mode

KIOSK MODE, A solution that allows users to experience VR video quickly and easily while unattended.

A Powerful, Immersive Experience

1200 PPI 4K+


Featuring a high-density display with a combined resolution of 3840x2160 (4K) at 1200 pixels per inch, PICO 4E provides depth, clarity and smoothness when experiencing VR, AR and MR content. The pancake lenses deliver a wide field of view at 105°, creating a stronger visual presence when experiencing VR content.

Colour Pass-Through


The front facing RGB camera on PICO 4E allows a clear view of your surroundings without taking off the headset. In addition, colour pass-through supports scenarios where developers want to unlock a mixed reality within VR applications.

Precise Tracking Allows More Freedom to Move



The 6DoF broadband haptic motion controllers provide a much more realistic experience for simulations where freer movement and manipulation of objects inside the environment is required.

Spatial Positioning


6DoF Tracking uses multiple cameras positioned around PICO 4E, and enables you to move freely and organically in 360°.

Face and eye tracking


Eye tracking decodes eye movements and translates them into insights that can be used in a wide range of applications or as an additional input modality - and with Face Tracking, avatars in VR are truly lifelike.

Thin & Light Design


The pancake design makes the headset both smaller and lighter (300g without head straps). The headset is designed to be light and comfortable by balancing the front HMD with the rear battery pack.

4K Recording